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Fall River Services

Haybuster 10' No-Till Drill

No-Till Rental program. $7.00 per acre, $200 minimum charge

605-745-5716 ex 121  Rental Agreement


Machine Plant and Fabric Installation

We charge $1.50 per running foot.

If interested in shelter belts, call the District office the summer before planting season (April-June) to get a quote and a tree row design custumed to your soil, climate type and your needs.  605-745-5716 ex 121

Machine Plant Agreement  Fabric Installation Agreement


Tree Health & Diagnosing

This is a free service we offer.

If there is a tree in your lawn or shelter belt that you are concered about and want looked at we will make an in person visit, and see if we can figure out the problem and solution. If further testing is needed, we will take a sample and sent to the SDSU Testing lab. We cover mailing costs and packaging for the sample, but the SDSU Testing lab bills a $15 testing fee for the landowner.



Fabric Rolls 6' x 500'=$160; or $0.32 per foot

Fabric Staples 500 per box = $80 or $0.16 each

Tree Crystals 1/2 pound (50 trees) $5; 1 pound (100 trees) $9

Plantskydd Deer Repellants

1 quart liquid spray $20 - 1.32 gallon remix $55 - 1lb box (consentrate) $25 - 2lb box (concentrate) $40 - 2.1 pint spray bottle $8 - 1lb Ready to Use Shaker $13


Tree Order Form

Tree Order Forms for 2024 have been finalized. Please send in your tree order forms before December 31st to guarantee your tree order. 

2024 Tree Order Form 2024 Tree Order Form Page 2

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